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--Ernest Hemingway

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Marcus A. Nannini

Marcus Nannini


I sold multiple stories to WORD AT WAR magazine which is celebrating fifty years of continuous publication. LEFT FOR DEAD AT NIJMEGEN is based on my non-fiction work: DINNER WITH HIMMLER. Three will appear in 2017.  I have sold 2 additional pieces to STRATEGY & TACTICS magazine, the oldest continuously published military magazine.


In the predawn hours of December 7, 1941, the Japanese Navy sent five midget submarines to attack the United States Pacific Fleet anchored in Pearl Harbor. Only one of them was successful. This is the story of the one, and what may have become of its crew.



Based on a true story

A shell-shocked American paratrooper finds himself face-to-face with Heinrich Himmler while surrounded by machine gun toting guards of the “Reichsfuhrer SS” deep in the bowels of a 16th Century castle.”



Terrorists highjack three heavily armed Army helicopters hell-bent on attacking the supercarrier U. S. S. Abraham Lincoln while she participates in the December 7th Memorial Ceremonies in Pearl Harbor.



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    CHAMELEONS, Armed Conflict, Mystery, Suspense, Heroism, Romance, Corruption and Moral Fortitude.

    Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Bookstores and in Ebook at: http://www.books2read.com/MarcusNannini

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