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Victory Crayne

Victory Crayne


Victory is a professional fiction writer. On her websit  you can read the first five chapters of each of her novels as well as her published short stories.

She is currently writing the first novel in a series with the same protagonist, Jake Dani, to be titled "Freedom." This is a combination of espionage thriller and science fiction.

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Are you interested in novels about spies on another planet, in other words, a combination of espionage and science fiction? If then, you may be interested in my novels. I will send out announcements of my next novel. So you won't get many emails in your inbox. I respect your privacy and will not spam you.

Victory has sold two short stories:

1) "The Twelve Minute Clock" to NewMyths.com in Issue 11 June 2010.

2) "Heat" to NewMyths.com in Issue 17 Dec 2011.

Victory is the president of SFNovelist.com and a past president and past VP of programming of the Southern California Writers Association (SCWA).

Publications for Victory Crayne

  • Book

    Humans Only

    Jake Dani is alarmed when his daughter Alena comes to the planet Rossa. When Jake and her mother go to the airport to pick up Alena, an explosion protests Bingers and robots. Later, Alena discovers a link between mercon, human, Binger, and native nape

  • Book


    Jake Dani gets a call from his girlfriend Mimi after her arrest for protesting slavery on the newly colonized planet of Rossa. Mimi disappears and Jake leads his spy team on operations to find her. But they are up against clever and resourceful crime lord

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