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I love writing. I love the swirl and swing of words as they tangle with human emotions.

--James A. Michener

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Charla Spence

Charla Spence

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Charla Spence is a freelance nonfiction writer and business consultant who leverages her years ‘real world’ business and personal life experiences on topics which are relevant and helpful to her audiences. Some of her published works include:
Cousin Jess Motor Tours’ - Self-guided Audio Tour of Orange County, CA (CD), Tandem Surfing (book), a SCUBA training manual, various newsletters and trade publications as well as internal and external papers and business plans.

Charla's lastest project was the development of the Don't Forget Personal Healthcare Record.  The PHR, available for adults or children, is an easy to use organizational system to help you to "take charge" of your own healthcare and help you care for others.

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    Personal Healthcare Record

    An organizational system to "Take Charge" of your healthcare or use as a caregiver. Available in Child and Adult versions. Order directly and received FREE shipping. Contact me at charla@charlaspence.com. Also, available on Amazon.

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