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Darlene Quinn


Unpredictable Webs is the winner of the International Readers Favorite Gold Medal for General Fiction. It is also the winner of the Beverly Hills Book Awards and the President's Choice top prize winner! Twisted Webs, is the 2011 International Book Award Winner for Fiction and Literature, as well as the Winner of the 2011 National Indie Excellence Award for General Fiction. Webs of Power is the winner of the 2009 National Indie Excellence Award for General Fiction. Webs of Fate, winner of the Readers Favorite Award for General Fiction. This novel was inspired through reader requests and is the prequel to the series. Book trailers can be viewed and first chapters read on my website darlenequinn.net. All novels stand-alone and can be read in any order. However, if you are hooked on starting at the chronological beginning of a series, that would be Webs of Fate, which is set in the mid-eighties before our status symbol became: "How much did you save?"

Conflicting Webs, the fifth novel in the stand-alone Web Series.
Darlene is currently working on Severed Webs.

As part of a nine-member management team for the Bullocks Wilshire Specialty Department Stores (West Coast Division of the former Federated Department Store conglomerate ~ now Macy's Inc.) With an insider's perspective on the rise and fall of major department stores, she now writes what she likes to read, which is page-turning-suspense, based on actual events while never allowing the facts to get in the way of a good story.

Prior to being an author and speaker, Quinn was a teacher in the public school system, a self-improvement and modeling instructor, a private contractor for the city, department stores (Bullock's/Robinson's), and hospitals.

She has two children, John and Jodie, six wonderful grandchildren, and lives with her husband and greatest supporter, Jack, in Long Beach and Big Bear, California.

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  • Book

    Webs of Fate

    In the high-fashion world of the mid-8os, Danielle Norman, a vulnerable young buyer, struggles to save her career. Unable to confide in her mentor, Ashleigh McDowell, Danielle falls victim to a painful betrayal. How high a price will she pay?

  • Book

    Webs of Power

    A raw portrayal of greed, manipulation, and relationships set in the excessive retail industry of the 80s. During the hostile takeover of the retail giant Consolidated, the lives of three women, each linked to the upheaval, are thrown off course.

  • Book

    Twisted Webs

    A baby girl is stolen, and webs of deception encase her and two families for eight traumatic years. The beautiful and elegant Ashleigh Taylor gives birth to twins while she’s visiting her father figure, Charles Stuart, founder of Bentley's Royale.

  • Book

    Sizzling Cold Case

    Buddy Ebsen, the beloved Hollywood Icon, passed away on July 5, 2003, at the age of 95. Buddy had been working on a Barnaby Jones novel. I was thrilled when Dorothy, his widow, asked if I would complete Buddy's work-in-progress.

  • Book

    Unpredictable Webs

    Betrayal, rebellion, jealousy, and a kidnapping gone awry. Filled with unpredictable plot twists that are breathtakingly believable.

  • Book

    Conflicting Webs

    This stand-alone addition to the gripping Web Series explores love and loss, career and family, forgiveness and redemption. Fast-paced chapters propel unforgettable characters through the turmoil of overlapping and often confliction commitments.

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