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Don Westenhaver

Don Westenhaver


Don Westenhaver served with the Marines in Vietnam as a radioman and interpreter.  His fascination with different cultures grew with many visits to Asia, Europe, Latin America, and Africa as a finance executive. These experiences, backed up by intense research, inspired his four historical thrillers.  Don and his wife assist with three different charities, play golf, read novels, and love to travel.   They are blessed with two daughters and two grandchildren.  

Publications for Don Westenhaver

  • Book

    The Whiplash Hypothesis

    A very wealthy Asian gangster plans to destroy the US economy by manipulating global oil prices. Only his daughter and her husband stand in his way.

  • Book

    The Red Turtle Concert

    The daughter of an Asian gangster inherits his fortune when rivals murder him. They then come after her but she invests the money in Vietnam in a secret plot to convert the country to capitalism.

  • Book

    Nero's Concert

    Rome has burned to the ground and Emperor Nero orders his close friend Rusticus to investigate the cause, hoping to blame it on the Christians, but instead Rusticus finds a tangled conspiracy, a love he had given up on, and the threat of losing everything

  • Book

    Alexander's Lighthouse

    First century Alexandria Egypt, a melting pot of Egyptians, Greeks, Jews, and Romans, frequently boils over into violence. A young engineer finds himself caught between the Romans and rebel forces as he helps invent the most powerful weapon in the world.

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