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“The story is always better than your ability to write it.”

--Robin McKinley

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Travis Cluff & Chris Lofing

SCWA SPEAKER: Travis Cluff & Chris Lofing

Date: December 21, 2019

Title:"Our Journey as Independent Movie Producers"

Travis Cluff and Chris Lofting independently co-wrote, co-directed, and co- produced the micro-budget horror file THE GALLOWS for only $100,000. It grossed over $42 million! THE GALLOWS ACT II will be released by Lionsgate soon

Their company, TREMENDUM PICTURES is a full-service production company for film, series, branded content, viral media, or design. Located in California’s Central Valley, the company utilizes unique and innovative solutions to create premium, original content on even the smallest of budgets.

What a story they will have for us!

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